Belonging to DANOBATGROUP, the biggest machine tool builder in Spain, SORALUCE is the most important milling machine manufacturer in Spain. SORALUCE has a staff of about 200 people working in two plants in Bergara and Osintxu. The business activity covers national and international markets, with over 80% of the machines sold abroad. There is a constant dynamic effort to improve and modernize its products in order to achieve the most exigent quality requirements of the industry.

SORALUCE will provide its previous expertise in the development of quills, selecting the appropriate quill characteristics to fulfill production needs and designing and manufacturing the physical prototype. SORALUCE’s accredited technological knowledge in quill manufacturing will be essential for the successful development of these tasks.

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Soraluce S.Coop.
Osintxu Auzoa S/N
P.O. Box 90
E-205070, Bergara, Spain
Phone +34 943 76 90 76