Lantier is an SME manufacturing equipment for the paper and pulp industry, supplying high quality doctors and blades to the leading suppliers of paper cutting machines such as VOITH, SCA, Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, GOMACAMPS Holmen Paper and SAICA. Lantier is a highly internationalized company which exports 90% of its turnover in 65 countries across 5 continents. Lantier has a subsidiary in Brazil and a sales network spanning 50 countries. It currently has a staff of 60 persons and an innovation culture deeply rooted in the 25 years of experience.

Lantier will provide its previous expertise in the development of creeping blades and tool holders for tissue paper machines, selecting the appropriate characteristics to fulfill production needs and designing and manufacturing the physical prototype. Lantier’s accredited technological knowledge in creeping blade manufacturing will be essential for the successful development of these tasks.

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Lantier, S.A.
Pol. Industrial Aldaba, s/n.
20400 TOLOSA Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Phone + 34 943 654 000