IK4- IDEKO is a technology center that specializes in industrial production and manufacturing technologies and is integrated into the IK4 Technology Alliance. IK4-IDEKO’s activity covers the identification and analysis of opportunities, the design and development of products, business lines and production processes and the resolution of problems through the provision of technological services such as technical consultancy and equipment based services. IK4-IDEKO is supported by two technical departments: the technology research and development department where research lines are developed, and the technology innovation and exploitation department, where IK4-IDEKO analyses the current and future needs of our customers, identify opportunities and transfer the results of its research activity into value and competitive difference.

IK4-IDEKO will focus on the analysis of the dynamic behavior of the parts, and the definition of the materials and optimal design for these components, with the collaboration of the other partners. Once the parts have been manufactured, the results for the part will be analyzed and compared with the test bench results. IK4-IDEKO will also contribute on process development and part characterization for composite materials and software development for the industrial system. IK4-IDEKO has developed and tested successfully a method for the successful commercialization of innovation project results. The method combines specific tools in a framework for leveraging RTD innovation by defining an exploitation plan based on a thorough analysis of technologies, products and market opportunities.

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Arriaga industrialdea 2
E-20870 Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)
Phone +34 943 74 80 00
Website www.ideko.es