University of Stuttgart


The University of Stuttgart (UST) is part of the “TU9 - German Institutes of Technology” society and thus belongs to the incorporated society of the nine most prestigious, oldest, and largest universities focusing on engineering and technology in Germany. The work is carried out by the Institute for industrial manufacturing and -management (IFF), which is one of the largest and most traditional institute and has special expertise in new manufacturing technologies, life cycle management, modeling and simulation, miniaturization and surface technology.

The Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Management IFF focuses on the synthesis and application of carbon based nano particles, upscaling techniques for industrial manufacturing and life cycle management. It has extensive laboratories and testing facilities to meet the required research targets. The institute gathers scientists and engineers forming an interdisciplinary team with individual skills in simulation, modeling and characterization of various dispersions and composites, e.g. metal matrix composites. IFF can look back on 10 years of successful research and engineering in the field of CNT.

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University of Suttgart (UST)
Postfach 106037
70049 Stuttgart
Phone +49 7116850