DIAD Group


DIAD Group is a supplier of products, technologies and services for the automotive, the aerospace and the manufacturing industrial sectors using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials). DIAD Group’s customers and markets are large tier 1 suppliers, high tech small and medium companies, and motorsport racing teams.

DIAD Group has expertise in the design and development of advanced automotive and aerospace components and optimization of the related manufacturing systems, using innovative composites materials, custom technologies, nano-technologies and state of the art functionalized surface engineering. DIAD Group has its own state of the art laboratory / test bench for high-end automotive components, including extreme conditions and weather (like Nordic and desert climates). DIAD Group has also expertise in sustainable and clean manufacturing and assembly of high tech automotive and aerospace components, methods to reuse composites materials, product and process lifecycle and recovery / recycling method and industrial implementation of energy saving policies.

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DIAD Group
Via Nicola Fabrizi 136
10145 TORINO, Italy
Phone +39 011 9973411
Website www.diadgroup.com