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The Department of Low-Temperature Plasma at Institute of Physics ASCR (IP-ASCR aka FZU) is focused on the preparation of films by various plasma-chemical methods and on development of technological procedures which lead to the optimum growing of studied layers: classical magnetron sputtering (DC, RF, MF), low-pressure processes (pulsed hollow cathode discharges) and high-pressure processes working under atmospheric pressure (e.g. barrier torch discharge) are used. The Department has recently focused on HIPIMS pulsed magnetron sources for reactive sputtering of different kinds of films and implemented detailed plasma diagnostics experiments.


The group from the Department of Low-Temperature Plasma will focus in the project on development and research of hybrid pulsed plasma sources mainly various forms of HIPIMS magnetrons and pulsed multicathode systems suitable for the deposition of thin films. Processes in pulsed plasma will be investigated by various time resolved diagnostic methods working ‘in situ’ during the deposition process, such as timeresolved Langmuir probe measurement, emission and laser absorption spectroscopy, measurement of ion energy distribution function and ionization fraction of growth precursors created in plasma, nergetically resolved mass spectrometry of positive and negative ions in plasma.



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