Milling and boring machines offer the possibility to execute accurate milling, boring, drilling and tapping operations on four, or even five sides of a prismatic component in one set-up and with rapid movement between working areas, which can result in massive cost savings for our customers.The versatility and capacity of SORALUCE’s machines to change heads automatically enables the use of heads with different features or even special heads. Components that in the past had to be produced on several machines, can now be completed in just one set up.

The heavy duty gearboxes manufactured by SORALUCE allow the machine to work in the most demanding operations with features such as 71 kW / 8716 Nm / 2500 rpm. The price of the machine can vary from 1.500.000€ to 2.500.000€, depending on the additional features and size of the machine. One of these special heads SORALUCE offers is the quill. The range of products covers different quill diameters and lengths (Ø130÷180 mm / W:700÷1000 mm). Depending on its size, a standard quill bar (just the shaft of the modular
part) costs something in the range of 7000-15000€.

The Vibration Problem
Chatter has many negative effects on production costs and quality:
• Poor surface quality
• Part rejection
• Increased tool replacement needs
• Excessive tool wear or tool breakage
• Excessive noise
• Machine tool components damage,
• Reduced material removal rate (MRR)
• More frequent maintenance needs
• Waste of materials & energy
• Waste of energy

The new product will bring along a significant increase in productivity, machined part quality and reliability. Apart from the turnover increase, the technological advance of the development will strengthen SORALUCE’s brand image and will therefore indirectly increase sales in other type of machines.

The boring-milling subsector size is about 4000M€, including 300M€ for machines equipped with quills. SORALUCE instead to double its current market share from 3% to 6%, thanks to the enhanced performance product developed in this project.