Scientific Methodology and Work Packages

The work of the project is divided into 8 workpackages, forming 4 main groups:

• Foundation workpackages: WP2 and WP3 constitute the foundation of the HIPPOCAMP project. WP2 Specifications and Benchmarking focuses on the required functionality of the target industrial parts and the process alternatives available to improve these properties. WP3 Deep Metal Plasma Diffusion focuses on the development of the hybrid PVD-PECVD technology required to develop thick layers of HiDS materials.

• Industrial process workpackages. WP4, WP5 and WP6 relate to the upscaling of the laboratory based process. WP4 Process Scaling & Automation consists in the optimization of the deposition process parameters in a prototype production environment. WP5 Nano-composite Material Characterization and Simulation takes the nanomaterial produced in WP4 and seeks to describe the nanostructures observed in the material and link them to specific functional properties. WP6 Lifecycle Analysis focuses on safety and residues (for the production stage of the component) and
the repair & recycling (for the operational stage of the component).

• Industrial pilot workpackages. WP7 Industrial Pilots focuses on the test of the parts improved by the HiDS material under industrial conditions, with the aim to confirm the enhanced properties of the parts and their impact on the target industrial applications.

• Support workpackages. WP1 and WP8 provide general support for the other workpackages, and for the project as a whole. WP8 Exploitation, Dissemination, Standardization focuses on the industrial exploitation, the scientific dissemination and the collaboration with other NMP projects. WP1 Management deals with the administrative and technical coordination of the consortium.