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Via Libre Spanish website has mentioned the Hippocamp project and Soraluce in January 2015.

Danobat Group’s company Soraluce is involved in the European project HIPPOCAMP for the development of a new material that combines high stiffness with high damping capacity.

Soraluce involved in a project to develop a new material of high stiffness with high damping capacity

(10/02/2015) The project consists basically in developing a new manufacturing process for the deposition of nanocomposites in metal or polymeric structural parts. This novel material will serve as a coating for structural parts in order to increase their damping capacity maintaining all the other mechanical properties.

Soraluce is working on developing a fibre milling quill to increase the damping capacity and be used in structural components for automotive, aerospace and manufacturing applications as well as wind turbines.


All these sectors share a common problem: their structural parts and components are subject to intense vibrations that reduce their reliability and durability. The HIPPOCAMP project aims to reduce the impact of vibration and increase the dynamic performance of the parts.

HIPPOCAMP is a three-year European project led by the University of Oulu, Finland. This project is part of the 7th Framework Program, and more specifically in the NMP theme (Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies).

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