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Hippocamp at 7th International Conference on HIPIMS

The team from the Institute of Physics, ASCR represented by Martin Čada participated at the annual International Conference on HIPIMS. Since the year 2010 the conference on Fundamentals and Industrial Applications of HIPIMS has brought scientist from academia and industrial partners together to learn more about new trends in HiPIMS technology. This year the conference was held in Sheffield (UK) one of the largest towns in UK. The Sheffield became famous thanks to cutlery industry and today usual crucible steel or stainless steel were invented here. Academia institutions in Sheffield are focused on application-oriented research and development for machinery industry too. The conference organisers have welcome more than 100 participants this year. Martin Čada during his oral presentation spoke about a new approach in controlling and characterisation of reactive sputtering process, mainly in HiPIMS. This method has been developed in cooperation of IP ASCR and Ionautics. The presentation showed that proposed technique is suitable for stabilisation of reactive deposition process in so-called the transition region of hysteresis curve of process parameters, which is important for proper optimisation of deposition process within the HIPPOCAMP project. Presented results attracted attention of audience as proved by fruitful discussion after the presentation and during coffee breaks

Seventh International Conference on Fundamentals and Industrial Applications of HIPIMS 2016

HIPIMS 2016 Conference Announcement

27 June - 30 June 2016, Sheffield, UK 

Venue: Cutlers' Hall

Short Tutorial Courses 
27th June - 28th June 2016

Technical Programme 
29th June - 30th June 2016

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