Created on: 04 December 2015

New Doctoral Thesis partly supported by Hippocamp Project

Our colleague Qilin Fu (Plasmatrix) has just published his PhD tittled ”High dynamic stiffness nano-structured composites for vibration control: A Study of applications in joint interfaces and machining systems”. The defense was hold on 1st December 2015, in Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden). Part of his research is related to the HIPPOCAMP project. Congratulations Dr. Fu!

Created on: 03 December 2015

Hippocamp at the annual DMMS&MCR member’s meeting

On 2nd Dec 2015, the HiPPOCAMP project was brought to the annual DMMS&MCR member’s meeting, celebrated in Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr. Qilin Fu presented the concept and latest results of HiPPOCAMP project and the audiences showed their interest to explore the technology platform as end-users and partners. The presentation explained the high dynamic stiffness composites with nano structures from a scientific point of view and pointed out the critical size effect of nano sized impregnates on the material’s damping performance. The HiPPOCAMP concept bridged up the gap between nano science research and mechanical engineering. The audiences are the major Swedish production firms including Sandvik Coromant, SECO Tools, SKF, SCANIA, VOLVO, SAAB, SSAB and etc.

Created on: 30 November 2015

Hippocamp at Technology Days 2015

SORALUCE held the 5th edition of Technology Days at the Excellence Centre BIMATEC SORALUCE (Limburg, Germany) from 17th to 21st November 2015, to experience the latest technologies and developments by SORALUCE in real machining conditions, highlighting the new SORALUCE product generation, innovative DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabiliser), latest developments in Industry 4.0. Moreover, during these Technology Days, SORALUCE also showed some R&D projects where they are involved in, such as the HIPPOCAMP project, which focuses on the development of a new manufacturing process for the deposition of nanocomposites in metal or polymeric structural parts, in order to get a new material that combines high stiffness with high damping capacity.

Created on: 04 November 2015

Hippocamp General Meeting (Prague, 21-22nd October 2015)

Month 24 General Meeting has gathered again Hippocamp consortium in Prague, from 21st – 22nd October 2015. Apart from presenting the latest advances made in each work package, the second day, a Business Plan Seminar was organized. Thanks to this service offered by the European Commission, partners were able to develop some Business Model drafts for three of the project’s results.

Created on: 14 October 2015

Analytical stability model for interrupted milling processes

A new scientific article by J. Munoa, A. Iglesias, J. Ciurana and Z. Dombovari has been submitted to the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture.

Created on: 14 October 2015

Analytical expressions for chatter analysis in milling operations with one dominant mode

In milling, an accurate prediction of chatter is still one of the most complex problems in the field. The presence of these self-excited vibrations can spoil the surface of the part and can also cause a large reduction in tool life. The stability diagrams provide a practical selection of the optimum cutting conditions determined either by time domain or frequency domain based methods. Applying these methods parametric or parameter traced representations of the linear stability limits can be achieved by solving the corresponding eigenvalue problems. In this work, new analytical formulae are proposed related to the parameter domains of both Hopf and period doubling type stability boundaries emerging in the regenerative mechanical model of time periodical milling processes. These formulae are useful to enrich and speed up the currently used numerical methods. Also, the destabilization mechanism of double period chatter is explained, creating an analogy with the chatter related to the Hopf bifurcation, considering one dominant mode and using concepts established by the Pioneers of chatter research.


Created on: 14 October 2015

Experimental validation of appropriate axial immersions for helical mills


The forced periodic vibrations of milling processes with helical tools are modelled and analysed. By means of analytical and numerical techniques, the so-called superchart of milling is constructed that includes the conventional stability chart with the stability lobes and also the amplitudes of the stable forced vibrations, which is correlated to many surface quality numbers like surface location error, surface waviness and surface roughness. The existences of trivial and non-trivial appropriate axial immersions are presented for a single degree of freedom mechanical model of the machine tool structure. At these appropriate axial immersion parameters, if the cutting is stable, the surface quality parameters will be also optimal even in those spindle speed domains where the system is near to resonance and the cutting efficiency is high. Experiments are performed with a large industrial milling machine using a flexible test rig with an essential flexibility in one direction. The calculated and the measured forced vibration signals in the stable domains of the stability chart are in good correlation, which validates the simple analytical predictions for the non-trivial appropriate axial immersion parameters.

Created on: 14 October 2015

Hippocamp at EMO Milano 2015

Soraluce presented its latest innovations at EMO Milano 2015, the world exhibition dedicated to the metal-working world. EMO - celebrated from 5th to 10th October - is the travelling trade show that is alternately held in Italy and Germany and the chief event for the operators belonging to all fields of the manufacturing industry: from the automotive to the aerospace, from the energy to the biomedical field, from the  electric household appliances to the food industry. Apart from presenting the new DAS system (Dynamic Active Stabilizer), Soraluce showed its customers the latest advances related to the Hippocamp Project.

Created on: 01 December 2014

Hippocamp at Tecnology Days 2014

SORALUCEcelebrated its annual TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2014 from the 12th to 15th November. This year, the event took place atBIMATEC SORALUCE GmbH, its Technology Center in Limburg (Germany). The TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2014 consisted of showing to its customers’ technology behind the machines and new developments applied tomilling, boringand turning machines. These developments will be showcased in real machining conditions by the best specialists in these technologies.

Created on: 04 September 2015

Ionization of sputtered Ti, Al, and C coupled with plasma characterization in HiPIMS

We are happy to announce that Daniel Lundin (Ionautics) , Martin Čada and Zdeněk Hubička (Fyzikální ústav) have a joint scientific article published at Plasma Sources Science and Technology! The article presents the Ionization of sputtered Ti, Al, and C coupled with plasma characterization in HiPIMS. Here you can find the link to the article:;jsessionid=C7EC9DE3260570586B7E921921738E10.c1


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